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Zenith (Ad)

Zenith (Ad)

The Zenith’s advertising insertion was made to promote this brand’s watches. The interactive ad appears within the November, 2013 issue of ICON, the new male fashion and style magazine published by EL PAÍS.

Such insertion gets to surprise the user, making him being curious about the ad, and taking him by the hand towards the interaction with the advertisement itself.



Zenith Watches

Tablet Army develops this surprising and appealing ad in order to promote Zenith’s watch ‘Zenith Pilot’.

Technology & Design

The main goal of this interactive advertising proposal is, firstly, to generate curiosity so that the reader is leaded to interact with the page by tapping on beside the claim “Ilumina el tiempo”, which means “Illuminate the time”.

Once the user taps on the ad, a promotional page is created automatically showing the Zenith’s watch ‘Zenith Pilot’ in a very surprising and catching way.

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