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Tablet Army | Harper’s Bazaar
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Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar Spain is the most sophisticated fashion magazine within the newsstand. A reference publication that offers a different , provocative and sensual view, for cosmopolitan women, with their own personality and style.

Tablet Army develops the Harper’s Bazzar app and its adaptation to iPad and Kindle Fire, including the design, dynamism and expressive tools that only a tablet can provide. The different textual, graphic and photographic elements come alive through interactive and surprising contents and animations that allow the reader user not only to read the publication, but to touch it, feel it and experience it as well.



Harper’s Bazaar – Spainmedia Magazines

Harper’s Bazaar Spain belongs to the publisher Spainmedia Magazines. Tablet army develops the adaptation and design for the iPad version of such fashion publication.

Technology & Design

The iPad application for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar Spain aims to fully respect the essence and defining features of its paper version and, at the same time, seeks for an evolution of the publication by means of applying the huge amount of possibilities in terms of content and design generated within a digital environment.

By doing so, it is possible to come up with a publication the users may not only read and visualize, but also get surprised by it and interact with it, reaching a consumption experience deeper and much more satisfying.

Tablet Army develops this app by using the editorial solution Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite). The adaptation to iPad starts with Indesign CS6 documents, to which the different interactions and animations are added to. Once the digital publication is finished, it is distributed via App Store.

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