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Tablet Army | Guía Punto
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Guía Punto

Guía Punto

Guía Punto is a mobile application that allows to discover, in a fast and functional way, an exclusive range of many different leisure offerts in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona: fast good or comfort good restaurants, neotavern-cocktail bars, spanish fashion boutiques or several museums.

Tablet Army develops this application both for Android an iOS, based on an efficient and clean design that provides a simple, intuitive and useful navigation.


Guía Punto – Único Hoteles

Guía Punto belongs to the hotel chain Unique Hotels, which concibes luxury as a combination of new experiences and seeks the value of the authentic and the pleasure of simplicity. All this, empowered by sophistication, style, seduction and warmth.

Technology & Design

Guía Punto is a mobile app aiming to provide the user with a functional and useful environment, that allowes him to have a straight access to a wide range of leisure offers.

The user may discover entertainment and leisure choices in both cities Madrid and Barcelona, and enjoy the app’s two versions: Spanish and English.

A simple navigation with a clear and ilustrative design that let the consumer find out the offer that best suits its likes and needs, and visualize its exact location in a map.

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    Spanish / English

  • Operating systems

    iOS / Android

  • Cities

    Madrid / Barcelona

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