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Tablet Army | Chloé (Ad)
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Chloé (Ad)

Chloé (Ad)

This interactive ad was made in order to promote Chloé’s femenine perfume. Such advertising insertion appears within December, 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain for iPad.

The advertisement is generated by surprise and it naturally fuses with the magazine’s cover. Once the ad is placed, the user may interact with the promotion itself to get to visualize the perfume’s spot.



Tablet Army develops this interactive and appealing ad in order to immerse the reader into the Chloé’s perfume irresistible seductive spirit. 

Technology & Design

The proposal aims to entertain and catch the reader’s attention so that he is taken by the hand through all the different Chloé’s perfume properties and charms.

The reader will be surprised by the beautiful way the promotional insertion and the magazine’s cover fuse into a single piece. Once the ad is generated on the cover, the insertion itself asks the reader to interact with it by means of rotating the iPad. By doing so, the reader activates this brand’s promotional spot.

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