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Audi A3 (ad)

Audi A3

This interactive ad was made in order to promote Audi’s car. The advert appears within July, 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain for iPad. The advertisement is generated by surprise and fuses with the magazine’s cover.

The user has to shake the iPad to discover the ad. Once the iPad has been shaked, the can explodes and the fragrance gets out. The car surrounds itself with the look & fell of the fragrance.


Audi A3

Tablet Army develops this interactive ad in order to immerse the reader into the new Audi’s fragrance to discover how it feels when you drive an Audi A3.

Technology & Design

The proposal aims to entertain and catch the reader’s attention. The reader will have to interact shaking the iPad and will be surprised by the beautiful way the look & feel of the fragrance appears around the car.

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